Naturally Leavened Sandwich Bread

After several trials and errors I have come up with a formula for a soft, naturally leavened, pan loaf that my 6-year-old will actually eat. I thought it was a lost cause. How do store bought loaves stay soft for days and weeks when homemade bread is stale by the second day? Well, I think I found the secret. It’s called Tangzhong. You can read about it over on the King Arthur Flour website. Basically, you take a bit of the flour and liquid in your recipe and you cook it in a saucepan before adding it to your dough. You can bet I’ll be using this method for all my soft rolls and cinnamon buns from now on.

Other than the tangzhong, this recipe is very similar to my basic sourdough recipe. I’ve added a bit of sugar (you can use honey instead if you’d like) and some butter. Despite using sourdough starter, I didn’t want a sour flavor so this is a same-day bake. None of the long, cold, fermentation that gives sourdough much of its flavor. I start it when I wake up in the morning and it’s done by dinner time.

As with any naturally leavened bread you’ll need to make sure your starter is ripe and ready to go when you want to mix up your dough. Since I want to start on the dough first thing in the morning, I mix up a levain the night before (15g starter, 90g flour, 90g water or 1:6:6) so it’s ready when I wake up.

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  • Nick nye

    Excellent recipe, as a beginner with my starter only a week or two old this recipe was easy to follow and yielded perfect results. Would recommend this recipe to anyone. Thank you for your work and this excellent recipe.

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